Which rides to ride, where to eat lunch, whether to wear those tourist-y mouse ears or not … these may be easy decisions to make, but by far the toughest (and potentially priciest) decision to make when planning your Disney World vacation is where to stay. From local AirBnBs to luxurious resorts right on the Monorail, from off-property hotel chains to rustic campgrounds, you certainly have your pick of roofs to go over your head in Orlando.

The only place you can’t stay?

Well, theoretically you can stay the night inside Cinderella Castle, but this is generally limited to charity recipients or extremely lucky contest winners. So don’t get your hopes up on ever enjoying a nightcap in your jammies inside the Castle.

Anyway, other than that caveat, you essentially have an endless list of choices when it comes to where to stay on your Disney trip.