Disney Value Resorts

Value resorts are the Walt Disney World version of motels. But don’t let the m-word scare you away from these resorts. If you choose to stay at a Value, you’ll be getting way more than a drab Motel 6.

The Value resorts include:


Depending on your budget, tastes, and vacation style, a Value resort may be a good fit for you. Let’s look at who the Values are best for.


The rack rate for Disney’s Value tier starts at only $93 a night for weeknights, although you can often score a discounted rate during seasonal promotions. Weekend rate rates go up to a starting rate in the mid $100s, so you are generally looking at an average nightly rack rate of $115 for a week-long stay.

Given the low rates, Value resorts are a great option for families who want the experience of an on-property Disney resort without breaking the bank.


Each of Disney’s five Value resorts are highly themed, with larger than life decor plastered around the sprawling grounds. This tends to be a big hit with kids and Disney fanatics (*cough* like myself ;-)) .

Common areas like lobbies are decked out in each resort’s theme. For Pop Century, this means pop cultural icons from the 1950s through the 1990s. For Art of Animation, the most recently built resort, the main lobby is decked out in clips of famous Disney animated characters.

The room decor varies based on the resort, but tends to be slightly toned down compared to the building exteriors and common areas.

You can expect a decent bed with a basic motel style comforter — nothing too luxurious or comfy.  Each room also has a basic desk with chairs, a dresser with built in mini-fridge, and a flat screen TV.

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Vacation Style

While the rooms have most everything you need, they are fairly spartan, so a Value room isn’t likely somewhere you’ll want to spend copious amounts of time. So if your vacation style is to spend as much time out and about in the parks every day, and to use your room only for sleeping and showering, the Value resort rooms are perfect.

If you are perfectly happy with a bathroom that looks like one you might find at a discount gym chain, then a Value resort may be for you. The photos below show an ADA compliant room, but you can expect similar standards for non-ADA rooms.

On the other hand, if you want your Disney hotel room to be a luxurious oasis after a long day at the parks, then you will be sorely disappointed by a Value resort.

At the end of the day, a Value resort may be a great fit for you if you are on a budget but want all the perks that come with staying on Disney property, and are happy with the over the top decor.

Are you a fan of any of the Disney Value resorts? Leave any opinions or questions in the comment section below.

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