A Very Disney Christmas

Oh man you guys, I haven’t posted in over a month!! I’ve got the flu (see below for more details…it came on over vacation!). But one of my New Year’s resolutions is to post way more regularly on here. My dream is for this Disney blog of mine to really take off and be a source of Disney wisdom (Disdom?) for folks far and wide.

Any who, here’s the first part of my review of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which is a special ticketed event at the Magic Kingdom on select nights in November and December each year.

Neither my husband nor I have ever been to Disney in the late fall or early winter (the latest we’ve been is September, and the earliest is February). So we’ve never seen the House of Mouse in all its holiday glory.

This year, for my birthday (November 27th), we decided to change that!

Disney just happened to be hosting one of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties the night of my birthday (because, duh, the Mouse himself wanted to throw me a birthday party 😉 ). So, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Well, except for me coming down with the flu during the party, and subsequently spent the last two days of vacation stuck in the hotel. 

Anyway, while I continue to recover from the flu, I’ll tell you all about MVMCP.


Like I said above, it’s a special ticketed event, meaning that a regular park ticket won’t gain you access. That being said, buying a ticket for MVMCP will get you into the Magic Kingdom starting at 4PM (even though the party runs from 7PM-midnight), so theoretically you’ve bought an 8 hour park pass just by buying the party ticket.

The Christmas party entails two extra special Christmas parades, lots of extra characters in full on Christmas garb who normally don’t make appearances (like one of my faves, Scrooge McDuck), Christmas dance shows, ‘night club’ areas (totally kid friendly, though), and complimentary apple cider, hot cocoa, and cookies. Oh, and of course Santa is there.

SANTA, y’all. Calm yourselves.

I’m not a big ride rider (I used to be a huge roller coaster freak, but I injured my neck on a faulty ride at Six Flags a few years ago, and ever since then anything too vigorous hurts my neck). So for me, an event like Mickey’s Christmas Party is all about rare character meet’n’greets, photo ops with the opulent decorations, Christmas music, cocoa, cookies, and Christmas fireworks over Cinderella Castle.

The first rare character I got to meet was Peter Pan. In hindsight, I realize he was the only character of the night not to be dressed in a special Christmas costume.


Since it was my birthday, Disney gave me a special birthday pin to wear with my name on it, and Peter and I gabbed about him never growing old. I may have grown a year old (and maybe wiser 😉 ) last week, but I’ll always be a Disney-loving kid at heart.

After we left Neverland was when the dreaded flu really started to hit me. I’ll spare y’all the gruesome deets, but it hasn’t been a pleasant week physically.

We next headed to an area where our handy Disney app told us we could meet one of my classic favorites, Goofy.

I was so feverish at the time that I honestly don’t recall what transpired in the photo below to make me act all sassy to Goofy. I think maybe he was commenting that my husband had the same Santa hat as him, and I joked that they were both pretty goofy and I couldn’t tell them apart.


Y’all. I cannot explain my giddiness with meeting the Goofster. He’s just so dang funny!

After meeting Goofy, we headed off to meet a classic character who I think is perpetually underrated: Scrooge McDuck. Sure, he may be a misery old curmudgeon, but what’s not to love?!

I for one love Ducktails, and I would love a pool of pennies to swim around in. Well, except that cash is super dirty. I used to be a teller, so I should know. Y’all that stuff is naaasty.

Anyway, Scrooge and Donald were together for the meet’n’greet, both in their Christmas fineries.


These two performers were honestly the most in-character, animated performers I’ve ever encountered at Disney. Waiting in the line took ages (close to an hour, maybe?), but once we got to them, I saw why. They truly took time to engage with every single guest in an entertaining moment.



Scrooge McDuck signed my autograph book first. (Yes, I am in my early 30s and still use a Disney autograph book!!!).

After he signed it, he refused to give it to Donald. I just loved how true to character the performer was – Scrooge McDuck is an old fart, so of course he would hog the autograph book!

It was only at the photographer’s pleading that Old McDuck finally relinquished the book to Donald.


Even in the group photo, Scrooge took a characteristically antagonistic stance.


After meeting my favorite animated water fowl, I was really feeling poorly. In fact, I’m still feeling pretty poorly, so I’ll end the first half of the review here for now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it, and please reach out to me with any and all Disney travel questions!

Merry Christmas!

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