Be Our Guest Review

As one of the newest restaurants in the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest is a hot ticket. So, I was pleased when I was able to get us dinner reservations to dine in the Beast’s castle.

Guests get to dine in one of the iconic rooms from the film — the grand ballroom, the library, or the west wing — all while being treated to a visit from the Beast himself.

Cuisine offered is typical French fare, with desserts being wheeled around in rolling carts that allow you to see what you’re choosing.

So, how was it?

Eh, a bit disappointing, to be honest.

I’ll start with the pros, though. As soon as you walk up to the entrance, you are greeted to a perfect replica of the Beast’s castle.


Once your table is ready, one of the Beast’s servants will guide you inside to your table. You can apparently request where to be seated, which we didn’t know, so we get seated in the grand ballroom.

One nice little touch was that the napkins, which are red, are folded into a rosette. Zack and I joked about whose job it is to fold thousands of napkins into roses every day. I don’t think I’d want that job!


Our seating was for 4:20 in the afternoon, so on the early side for dinner. However, the place was pretty crowded. Given how difficult it is to secure reservations here, I naturally expected a packed house. However, I was honestly kind of peeved with how they had tables smooshed so close like sardines. Like literally, I could tell  you what the six closest people sitting in a radius around me ordered.

The fact that they cram in so many tables, plus the acoustics of the ballroom with its high ceiling, made for a very noisy dinner indeed. You might be thinking, “it’s Disney, you shouldn’t expect a library!” Which is true, I’ll grant you. However, this was like off-the-charts, ear-drum-piercing, I-can’t-even-hear-myself-think loud. Which, when you’re paying a boatload of money for a whimsical French table service dinner is not cool.

Anyway, we started off by ordering a flight of Disney’s private label wine (by the way, this is the only place in the Magic Kingdom you can order alcohol!). My husband and I were originally just going to each order a single glass, but we thought splitting a flight would offer a nice variety.


Shame on us for not inquiring about the pour size, but we were a little disappointed that we spent $15 on a total of 6 ounces, when we could have easily spent $16 on each of us getting a 6 ounce pour of a single wine for $8 a pop. Again, it’s totally on us for not asking, but I do think it would be a better business practice for Disney if they made pour size explicit on the menu, so that guests can compare their libation options apples to apples — or grapes to grapes, as the case may be.

For food, there honestly wasn’t much in the way of things for me to eat. I’m a notoriously picky eater, and even though I’m no longer a vegetarian, literally the only meat I will eat is chicken, and even then only if I’m in the mood for it. Normally I would have ordered the ratatouille, which is what my husband got, but based on the menu description it was mostly just quinoa topped with a few veggies, and I hate it when vegetarian meals are so starch-based. Give me veggies or give me death!! 🙂

So I ordered the French onion soup and a side salad.

excellent french onion soup!
the bread they served with dinner was so-so
sorry for the terrible picture quality — Be Our Guest is very dimly lit

The French onion soup was superb — just the right amount of cheese, not too salty, and large enough chunks of onions in it. The salad, well, it was good for what it was: greens, onions, tomatoes, and dressing. Would it have killed them to throw in something more substantive? Ten bucks for what was probably 100 calories made me wish yet again that I had asked for details before ordering.

Finally it came time for dessert, which normally we wouldn’t order, since we’re not really big into sweets. But I had heard amazing things about the grey stuff (remember that line from the titular song? “Try the grey stuff; it’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!“).

B is for Belle, or so our server said…
I didn’t even need to ask the dishes — it was delicious!

Here is where I can finally say that Be Our Guest lived up to the hype. The grey stuff really was delicious!! It was a cookie shell filled with mousse, topped with little shiny edible balls. It was the perfect combination of textures, and not overly chocolate-y.

After dinner, we headed into the study to meet the Beast himself.


Meeting him was super cool, since I’m not aware of him regularly being out at other areas in the parks.

All told, despite some of the disappointments, I’m glad we at least tried Be Our Guest. However, given the hefty price tag and issues noted here, we likely won’t be dining there again any time soon, at least not for dinner (you can dine there at lunch without reservations, as it is a quick service restaurant during the day).

Have you been to Be Our Guest? What did you think?

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