Anna & Elsa Character Experience

Frozen-mania has ushered in a host of new Scandinavian ice princess themed attractions at Walt Disney World. The one I was most excited for was to finally meet Anna and Elsa in person.

They are located inside a house in Norway in the EPCOT World Showcase.


As you make your way in line, you are greeted by beautiful Norwegian decor in the house, which help keep the line from being too boring. I found this to be a nice touch, as I would always rather be meandering through a realistic setting than being lined up behind ropes in a queue.


Upon writing this post, I literally just noticed that the painting on the wall below depicts Anna and Elsa at play.


We didn’t have fast passes for this attraction, so I was pleasantly surprised by the short wait time — only 10 minutes or so.

Elsa and Anna are together in one room, but they are separated into two areas, so you unfortunately cannot get a photo with both at once.


Elsa was really spectacularly in character. She chatted with us for ages, complimenting me on my ice crystal (my diamond ring ;-)) and lamenting her sister’s dating habits.


I’ve got to say, I really appreciate it when the performers take just as much time interacting with adult guests as they do with children. I generally have noticed that the princesses in particularly all but brush over adults. I will talk about this more in my review of meeting Princess Aurora and Cinderella, but for now I will say I was pleasantly surprised with how interactive and in character Anna and Elsa were.

Like Elsa, Anna was very animated in and character. She gabbed with me about her dating woes, really highlighting a lot of plot points from the film, which is always nice to see a character do.


I give Anna and Elsa two thumbs up! Definitely stop by to say hello to them the next time you are in EPCOT.

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